Mentoring of Donokerto Cultural Pioneer Village by Javanese Language Education Study Program Lecturers

Sleman, 10 August 2020 - In an attempt to realize sustainable development at the local level, a mentoring initiative for cultural village pioneering has been launched in Donokerto Village, Turi, Sleman, Special Region of Yogyakarta. This innovative program aims to disseminate the results of lecturers' research, as well as improve the quality of life and cultural sustainability in the village.

The mentoring program involves a number of lecturers who have expertise in various fields, traditional performing arts and cultural heritage preservation. They work together with local villagers to design and implement various activities that aim to introduce, preserve and develop the cultural heritage of Donokerto Village.

This mentoring activity includes a variety of activities, ranging from assistance in compiling traditional stories of Sendang Kumitir, traditional performances, and creating a roadmap for traditional customary activities. This program is not only about spreading knowledge, but also about creating synergies between the world of academia and the real life of society. With this collaborative approach, it is hoped that Donokerto Village can become an example for other villages in an attempt to preserve and develop local culture.